Tuition & Policies :: Summer 2018



Four weeks of intensive academic enrichment programming--staffed by the finest educators and the brightest undergraduate fellows, and inclusive of rich co-curricular activities, and exciting field trips, as well as lunch and snacks--doesn't come cheap. Schools around the region (and the country) recognize the urgency of this kind of work, and they charge a premium for it.

For reference: our local peer institutions...

  • $1,900 - McDonogh School
  • $1,820 - ESF@Gilman
  • $1,600 - Friends School
  • $1,400 - CCBC

The actual per-student operating cost of Prep@Collegiate is approximately $1,720--but with a generous grant from the Five Smooth Stones Foundation, we're able to subsidize tuition for all accepted students:

Prep@Collegiate 2018 Tuition: $1,200

As always, financial is available to families with demonstrated need--and all families are eligible for highly flexible payment plans.

policies & procedures

Greetings, students and families of Prep@Collegiate! This overview of policies & procedures reflects the baselines expectations for new students. We are building Prep@Collegiate 2018 together—students, families, faculty, and staff—and this text is a ‘living document’: the perspectives and experiences of family, students, faculty, and staff will continue to refine it, so that it best represents our shared commitments, expectations, and aspirations.

the Five core virtues

Life at Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys is grounded in five core virtues: Integrity, Courage, Compassion, Wisdom, & Resilience. At Prep@Collegiate, students, faculty, and staff worked together to translate these essential—yet abstract—principles into a rubric that clearly articulates our expectations of each other.

Every student will be evaluated on each of these criteria on a daily basis, earning up to four points in each of the five categories (for a total of twenty possible points each day, and 100 per week). Students have been divided into ‘crews’—each of which is led by one of our Summer Fellows—and the crews will be ranked each week by the average of the crew members’ scores. Prizes will be awarded to top-scoring Crews and Individuals.

Academic Assessment

On the basis of pre-assessment testing, students will be divided into two groups: ‘Ravens’ and ‘Orioles’. Ongoing (or ‘formative’) assessment based on classroom observation & student work will be a critical component of our everyday practice. Each week will culminate in one-on-one conferences between students and each of their teachers, in which teachers & students will work together to establish, review, & revise that student’s specific learning targets for the summer.

Overall (or ‘summative’) assessment of Prep@Collegiate students will be conducted a qualitative, rather than quantitative basis: they will compile portfolios throughout the summer, and they will present their work to family, faculty, and staff in Student-Led Conferences during the final week of the program. Students will also receive narrative evaluations, reflecting the combined perspectives of all members of the Prep@Collegiate faculty and staff. A quantitative demonstration of each student’s progress will be visible in a comparison of trends in year-over-year i-Ready and PARCC results: building on last year's extraordinary success--in which each student advanced at least one grade level in both Math and ELA--we fully expect to see even stronger growth in the summer ahead.


Each student in Prep@Collegiate has earned his seat in this selective, fast-paced program. Any absence will significantly impede his progress, and the loss of his voice, perspective, and efforts will have a detrimental impact on the other boys in his crew and classes.

  • A first absence will necessitate a meeting with teachers and crew leader.
  • A second absence means that the student has missed fully 10% of the program, and will result in a serious warning.
  • A third absence will be taken as a voluntary withdrawal from Prep@Collegiate (in which case a prorated refund of tuition will be given).


Standard dress entails khaki (non-cargo) shorts and a collared shirt (e.g., polo or button-down). Boys may bring athletic clothes with them (e.g., basketball shorts & a t-shirt) for use during afternoon co-curricular activity periods. If they would like to participate in swimming on the days when that co-curricular option is available, boys should bring swim trunks & a towel.

On field trip days, boys are required to wear their navy blue Prep@Collegiate polo shirts & khaki shorts.

Cellphones & other personal items

Students are permitted to bring cellphones/music players (with headphones) for use during specified breaks. All such devices must not be used during class or co-curricular periods unless specifically instructed otherwise by the instructor or activity leader. Students accept all responsibility for the device(s) in question.

Prep@Collegiate will in no way be held responsible for the loss, damage, or theft of such items.


Students are expected to arrive & depart on-time—unless otherwise specified (e.g., on field trip days), that means drop-off between 8:15 – 8:30, and pickup at 3:30. No adults will be available to supervise boys before 8:15 or after 4:00 on regular school days.

On field trip days, buses will depart promptly at the designated time—they will not wait for late-arriving students. If you have unresolved transportation issues/concerns, please contact Program Manager  Jeff Robinson (


Prep@Collegiate will provide each boy with a mid-morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack. In the interest of reducing the amount of trash we create, each boy will be issued a reusable water bottle; cold water is available throughout the day, and there will be ice for afternoon activities. Please bring any allergies or essential dietary restrictions to our attention as soon as possible.

Families are welcome to send an additional piece of fruit for their boy and/or a sports drink for the afternoon, but we ask that you please do not send other snacks and highsugar beverages.


Expectations for conduct are governed by our shared rubric for the Five Core Virtues. Each student will serve a one-week term on the Restorative Justice Committee, which will work to resolve transgressions of community standards and expectations. Any issue of sufficient concern to warrant the involvement of the Director of Prep@Collegiate will most likely constitute a voluntary withdrawal from the program (in which case a prorated refund of tuition will be made available).