We seek highly motivated and highly qualified candidates with demonstrated aptitude and promise. Admission requirements include a completed application form, character references, and a personal interview.

A written recommendation plays an important role in the admission decision. The application will be online--but please note that you will need to print out a recommendation form, fill out the first section, and give it to a person who will be recommending the applicant for admission. The recommender can be a teacher, mentor, adviser, coach, pastor, or other non-family adult who is well-positioned to provide in-depth responses to the questions on the form (they should feel free to append a separate letter of recommendation, if they choose to). Please either ask the recommender(s) to place the form in a sealed envelope (with their signature across the seal) which the applicant can turn in with the rest of the application or provide the recommender(s) with stamped envelopes addressed to:

Prep@Collegiate, Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys, 900 Woodbourne Ave., Baltimore, MD 21212. 

Apply now for summer 2019!

Option 1—Apply online:

Use SchoolMint to submit your application. You’ll need to create an account (if you don’t already have one), and make sure that you apply for Prep@Collegiate (not BCSB) and for the 2018-19 school year!

Option 2—Apply on paper

Download a PDF version of our application & submit and hard copy, either by mail (to the address below, Attn: Ms. White) or delivered in person to the BCSB main office.