Our Team

faculty and staff smile for photo at baltimore collegiate school for boys



tyrese alsup | 6th Grade math Teacher


alexis alvarez collegiate teaching fellow


Nun Amen-Ra | middle school Science Teacher


Donna Avila | 4th grade english Teacher


Patrick Barthelemy | 6th grade social studies teacher


Benin Bembry | middle school Dean of Student Life


sean bland | director of student support


parker bratton athletic fellow


tonette campbell | 5th Grade english Teacher


Taylor Carter | Special Education and reading intervention Teacher


Ashley Clark | 5th Grade Math Teacher


paul collins | lower Academy dean of student life


patric d'onofrio | Collegiate teaching Fellow


sharon daugherty | 4th Grade math Teacher


iain davis | 5th grade english utc fellow


laura delaney | 6th Grade english Teacher


milan dry | 7th Grade english Teacher


jacob ecker collegiate teaching fellow


Meredith Engel | middle school Social Studies Teacher


Nicholas favaloro collegiate teaching fellow


candace ferrell 7th Grade math Teacher


Keri Fulcher | IEP Chair


steven gorschboth 4th grade english utc fellow


nailah henry 4th grade english Teacher


robert ingram, jr. | collegiate teaching fellow


bill kane | 4th grade english utc fellow


benjamin kang | collegiate teaching fellow


joseph lai | 8th grade math teacher


emily lenane | 5th grade english utc fellow


anders lindgren | director of operations


claire lippay | collegiate teaching fellow


grady mcclinton | middle school science teacher


Sean mcgill | special education teacher


mary monsieur-young | special education teacher


tanea moore academy director


Jack J. Pannell | Executive Director


sumayyah naguib | 4th grade math teacher


natanne nunes | Collegiate teaching Fellow


stephanie omlin | special education teacher


Enrique robles | collegiate teaching fellow


sophia rosenfeld | 6th grade english utc fellow


meredith shaw | 5th grade english teacher


evan singleton | athletic director


Matthew smith | 5th grade math teacher


john snowdy | principal


torrin stokes collegiate teaching fellow


stacy stovall athletic fellow


ramtin vaziri 8th grade english teacher


lenise white communications manager


hayat yaghi collegiate teaching fellow


tyron young director of collegiate fellows



Ms. Betsey Swingle Hobelmann, Chair of the Board
Mr. Jack J. Pannell, Jr., ex-officio, Founder and President
Mr. David Khan, Treasurer
Dr. Kimberly Moffitt, Founding Parent, Secretary
Mr. Edwin Avent
Mr. Geoff Hengerer
Ms. Kate Jordan
Mr. Fabian Walters



Mr. James Blue, Founding Chair
Mr. Chike Aguh, Founding Trustee
Mr. Hunter Biden, Founding Trustee
Ms. Denise Simmons Graves, Founding Trustee
Mr. Ford Rowan, Founding Trustee
Mr. Joshua Eastright
Dr. Edward Trusty, Founding Trustee


Partner Organizations

Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys has engaged Schoolkit LLC as a sole source contractor to assist with professional development. For more information on the engagement click here.