Our Team

faculty and staff smile for photo at baltimore collegiate school for boys

Middle School Faculty

Tyrese Alsup | 6th Grade Math

Email: talsup@baltimorecollegiate.org 

Patrick Barthelemy | 6th Grade Social Studies

Email: pbarthelemy@baltimorecollegiate.org

Taylor Carter | Special Education and Reading Intervention

Email: tcarter@baltimorecollegiate.org

Laura Delaney | 6th Grade English

Email: ldelaney@baltimorecollegiate.org

Milan Dry | 7th Grade English

Email: mdry@baltimorecollegiate.org

Candace Ferrell | 7th Grade Math

Email: cferrell@baltimorecollegiate.org

Keri Fulcher | IEP Chair

Email: kfulcher@baltimorecollegiate.org

Joseph Lai | 8th Grade Math

Email: jlai@baltimorecollegiate.org

Grady Mcclinton | Middle School Science

Email: gmcclinton@baltimorecollegiate.org

Sean McGill | Special Education

Email: smcgill@baltimorecollegiate.org

Mary Monsieur-Young | Special Education

Email: mmonsueir-young@baltimorecollegiate.org

Stephanie Omlin | Special Education

Email: somlin@baltimorecollegiate.org

Ramtin Yaziri | 8th Grade English

Email: rvaziri@baltimorecollegiate.org



Alexis Alvarez | Collegiate Teaching Fellow

Email: aalvarezbaltimorecollegiate.org

Parker Bratton | Athletic Fellow

Email: pbratton@baltimorecollegiate.org

Patric d'Onofrio | Collegiate Teaching Fellow

Email: pdonofrio@baltimorecollegiate.org

Iain Davis | 5th Grade English UTC Fellow

Email: idavis@baltimorecollegiate.org

Jacob Ecker | Collegiate Teaching Fellow

Email: talsup@baltimorecollegiate.org

Nicholas Favaloro | Collegiate Teaching Fellow

Email: nfavaloro@baltimorecollegiate.org

Steven Gorschboth | 4th Grade English UTC Fellow

Email: sgorschboth@baltimorecollegiate.org

Robert Ingram, Jr. | Collegiate Teaching Fellow

Email: ringramjr@baltimorecollegiate.org

Bill Kane | 4th Grade English UTC Fellow

Email: bkane@baltimorecollegiate.org

Benjamin Kang | Collegiate Teaching Fellow

Email: bkang@baltimorecollegiate.org

Emily Lenane | 5th grade English UTC Fellow

Email: elenane@baltimorecollegiate.org

Claire Lippay | Collegiate Teaching Fellow

Email: clippay@baltimorecollegiate.org

Natanne Nunes | Collegiate Teaching Fellow

Email: nnunes@baltimorecollegiate.org

Enrique Robles | Collegiate Teaching Fellow

Email: erobles@baltimorecollegiate.org

Sophia Rosenfeld | 6th Grade English UTC Fellow

Email: srosenfeld@baltimorecollegiate.org\

Torrin Stokes | Collegiate Teaching Fellow

Email: tstokes@baltimorecollegiate.org

Stacy Stovall | Athletic Fellow

Email: sstovall@baltimorecollegiate.org

Hayat Yaghi | Collegiate Teaching Fellow

Email: hyaghi@baltimorecollegiate.org