Our Impact:

Baltimore Collegiate is proud to announce that the data is in, and in the 2015-16 School Year, our Collegiate Gents outperformed their City School peers. At the heart of any school is a simple question: "Are the students learning?" Baltimore Collegiate is proud to say, after only one year in operation, that our students are learning at an exceptional pace.

With a student population that is all male and 99% African American, we set out to compare our results to those of other African American boys in Baltimore City. While we were distressed to see such a large disparity between African American males and other demographics, we were elated to find that Baltimore Collegiate is closing that gap for its students.


However, we also recognize that high scores are not enough to get our gentlemen through college. Just as important are the socio-economic capital, the confidence, and the grit to succeed in a system that is not always built for our students. The Baltimore Collegiate Way was designed to ensure that every Collegiate Gent has the tools they need to leverage an incredible education and live a good life.