Mission & Vision


Our Mission:

Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys provides the finest liberal arts education possible to Baltimore’s next generation of young men, ensuring that they will become responsible citizens trained to lead and serve our community, our nation, and our world.



Our Vision:

Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys was inspired by the power of the David and Goliath parable to explain the challenges facing boys, especially boys of color. David, a young boy and decided underdog, took only five smooth stones into battle; he used those stones to slay the giant and subsequently become a great leader.

Our vision is that every boy attending our school will become as simply and powerfully equipped as David.

Each Baltimore Collegiate scholar will develop five virtues – Integrity, Wisdom, Courage, Compassion and Resilience – their own five smooth stones to slay the many 'giants' that will inevitably block their path to success in life.


Our School:

Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys is the first charter school in the city to serve exclusively boys with a continuous academic program from grades 4 through 8. Baltimore Collegiate is inspired, developed and organized by the Board of Trustees of The Five Smooth Stones Foundation, Inc., a non-profit educational institution committed to transforming a generation of boys and young men in Baltimore City with world class educational opportunities. The Foundation has been authorized by Baltimore City Public Schools to operate a school.

When Collegiate opened in 2015, over two hundred 4th, 5th and 6th grade boys were given the opportunity to enjoy the finest education possible.

The school offers a rich liberal arts curriculum that focuses on academic mastery and character development.


Our Promise to Every Boy and his Family:

Baltimore Collegiate is a new public charter school designed to build upon the hopes and dreams you have for your son. Every boy deserves a well-rounded education: rigorous academic preparation for college, creative exposure to the arts and music, athletic competition, and ethical formation and character development through a structured and highly disciplined school culture.

Our goal is to know and understand your son's potential and help him strive - in every endeavor - to be at his best. We are ambitious in our belief that every boy can succeed with high expectations and a strong system of support.

Baltimore Collegiate was founded with a conviction that every boy in Baltimore deserves a high quality education. Our primary goal is to prepare every Collegiate student for high academic achievement and exceptional accomplishment in a boy’s area of personal interest. We promise to ensure that all Collegiate high school seniors will gain admission to a college of his choice and will be ready to compete at top tier colleges and universities throughout the country.


Let us be clear: Every boy at Baltimore Collegiate is being prepared for success in college.


Why Boys:

Our decision to create a school for boys reflects our understanding of the developmental benefits of single-sex education, our awareness of the educational crisis for boys in urban settings, and our commitment to do whatever it takes to address this crisis.

Boys learn best in high energy, active classrooms and, in a co-ed settings, are more likely to disengage from school beginning in fourth grade.

A boys’ school, especially in those middle school years, encourages boys to see themselves as academically capable, and supports interests in the arts and athletics. We believe boys learn and develop better in a single-sex educational environment. Research indicates that all-boys schools

  • Promote high level academic achievement
  • Better recognize and address the specific developmental needs of boy
  • Are more likely to encourage creativity among boys

The all-boys context of BCSB, together with our school’s cultural practices, rituals, routines, and support services is designed to help solve the crisis of Baltimore’s boys.