Q: Who started Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys?

A: The Five Smooth Stones Foundation ("The Foundation") is authorized by Baltimore City Public Schools to operate Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys ("Baltimore Collegiate") as a tuition-free public charter school. The Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to providing opportunities for boys and young men in Baltimore City. The Foundation receives public and private funding to operate Baltimore Collegiate. A Board of Trustees governs Baltimore Collegiate and The Foundation. Mr. Jack Pannell is the Founder and President of the Foundation. He has visited and studied over 30 schools in the nation for the best practices to adapt at Baltimore Collegiate. Mr. Pannell is a graduate of Amherst College and Loyola Law School/Los Angeles. The Founding Team includes professionals from the fields of education, corporate finance, law, government, non-profit management and philanthropic giving.


Q: What is a charter school?

A: Charter schools are publicly funded by tax dollars and are open to all who apply. Because Baltimore Collegiate is a single gender school, it is allowed to admit male students only.


Q: Does my family have to pay tuition?

A: Baltimore Collegiate is a tuition-free public charter school. The only fees or expenses a family is expected to pay for include school uniforms, school supplies and field trips. Families in need may request support for these items.


Q: Must I be a baltimore city resident for my son to attend Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys?

A: Baltimore Collegiate is a Baltimore City public charter school. While City schools are open to all students, priority is given to Baltimore City residents. Also, Baltimore City Schools reserves the right to charge tuition for any family who is not a Baltimore City resident.


Q: How long is the School Day at Baltimore Collegiate?

A: The academic school day will start at 8:30 a.m. sharp. Breakfast will be available to all students. The academic school day ends at 3:20 p.m., but all students are strongly encouraged to participate in our after school sports and clubs.


Q: Where is Baltimore Collegiate located?

A: Baltimore Collegiate is located at 2500 E. Northern Parkway (Marietta Ave. entrance)

classroom with flags at baltimore collegiate

Q: Will transportation to and from school be provided?

A: For the 2019-20 School Year bus passes will be offered to all grades. We also encourage parents to look into carpooling with each other, as well as investing in shared taxi services.


Q: When will the academic school year begin?

A: The 2019-20 School Year for Collegiate boys will incorporate staggered start dates for each grade level:

4th Grade: Monday, August 26th

5th Grade: Wednesday, August 28th

6th-8th grades: Thursday, August 29th

male students on a field trip

Q: What is the required uniform?

A: We believe that uniform dress code helps everyone in our school community focus on academic success. You can find more information about purchasing our uniform on the “Uniforms” page.

Regular Dress Code:

Lower School

  • Grey-colored Chino shorts or pants with a belt

  • Navy Collegiate Polo shirt - short or long sleeve

  • Approved uniform shoes

Middle School

  • Grey-colored Chino Pants with a belt

  • Blue Oxford Collegiate button down shirt

  • School Tie

  • School Sweater with logo for winter months

  • Approved uniform shoes

  • Burgundy Collegiate Polo shirt (for casual and summer uniform only)

Summer dress (until September 27):

  • Grey-colored Chino shorts or pants with a belt

  • Grade Level Collegiate Polo shirt - short or long sleeve


Q. Will Baltimore Collegiate have Sport Activities?

A: Yes. Our sports include Football, Soccer, Wrestling, Chess, Swimming, Basketball, Track and Field, Baseball, Rowing, and Lacrosse.