Agents of Change

Pulling the Threads Together…

As you may recall: our theme for the summer has been ‘Agents of Change’—we’re inviting the boys to see themselves as people who can meaningfully affect the world around them. We’ve been talking all summer about the topics of sustainability, social justice, and masculinity: as we approached the end of our time together, we created opportunities for the boys to weave those threads together under their own steam.


We started with a question: what makes a ‘good’ neighborhood… good?

There are some obvious elements—the boys mentioned safe housing, good schools, and green space—but as it turns out, it’s harder to pin down than it might seem… in fact, it turns out that the labeling of a neighborhood as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ actually creates far more problems than it solves. That’s one of the reasons why folks who study this stuff use metaphors like ‘health’.


Using satellite and street-level imagery, we explored the neighborhood in which BCSB is newly (re)located. Working in crews, the boys identified opportunities to make the place better. With the help of their crew leader and a faculty member, they researched different dimensions of the problem, and then looked at ways people have addressed that problem elsewhere… finally, they put it all together into a presentation that they shared with the rest of the student body!


And: Week Four + Winding Down—Another Year of Adventures Draws to a Close…

The rest of our time flew by (as it is wont to do this time of year): a blur of extracurricular fun:

…and getting ready for Student-Led Conferences:

And then, of course, it was time for closing ceremonies…

DSC_0804 (1).jpg

…and that’s a wrap for 2019. Thanks again for a(nother) excellent summer—and we’ll see you again soon!