Urban Farming, Data, & Crew Games—Week One Wrap Up!

Thursday, July 11

Down on the farm

After a full morning in class—and a nervous glance or three at the gathering thunderclouds—we made our way across town to The Greener Garden: Baltimore’s only black-owned farm. Ms. Lavette Blue welcomed us with a tour and some history, and gave the boys a crash course in where the food they eat really comes from.

This was only the beginning, though; over the next few weeks, a select group of our gents will be returning to the farm to really get their hands dirty….

Friday, July 12


As you may recall, we’re a little bit obsessed with data here at Prep@Collegiate—but not in the No-Child-Left-Untested sense… ours is an obsession wholly oriented toward foregrounding growth over proficiency (without disappearing the latter!).


Fridays at Prep@Collegiate include one-on-one meetings: every boy meets individually with each of his teachers, to look at the week’s progress, and to set learning targets for the week ahead (it’s what the good folks at Expeditionary Learning call “student-engaged assessment”).


This first week, the work also entailed a crash course in data visualization: the boys were coached through the process of creating a spreadsheet based on their formative assessment data from the week, and then using that spreadsheet to generate a chart… which is the key, here, to (literally) seeing growth—in concert with, but prior to, a static measure of proficiency


Future Makers!

In the afternoon, our friends from FutureMakers came to visit (for the first of several times this summer). Mission #1: Wind-Up Crawlers!

Let the Games Begin (again)!

Finally, Friday afternoon found us in the gym, where our four crews—Morehouse, Hampton, Muhlenberg, and AAMU—battled it out for the week’s championship:

…and when we tallied up the scores at week’s end, it was Hampton with the win!