Opening Days--On the Course, and On Campus...

Monday, July 8

Once again, our summer began with a trip to Outward Bound; then, we brought those insights—experiential lessons about perseverance & challenging ourselves—home to campus...

Tuesday, July 9

…our first full day of classes continued our tradition of building culture at the program level: the boys worked in crews to translate our Five Core Virtues—Integrity, Wisdom, Courage, Compassion, and Resilience—into a rubric that lays out our shared norms and expectations… in a word: culture.

The morning wrapped up with the boys’ placement into their classes & an introductory meeting with their teachers—follows by the first lunch in the NDMU dining hall (…and there was much rejoicing!).


In the afternoon: co-curriculars! Our friends from OpenWorks Mobile returned to introduce some of the boys to 3D Printing…


…while downstairs, Mr. Smith gave a crash course in coding—and at the end of an hour, the boys were amazed that they’d created their own video game!

Wednesday, July 10

Our first full day of classes!


…and, in the afternoon, Crew Competitions begin in earnest!

Next up: our (first) visit to an urban farm! Stay tuned…