Week Two in Review

We're halfway through our summer together--unbelievable!

The boys are working hard in the classroom, and covering a great deal of ground... in this post, though, the focus is on some of the fun we had this week! The highlight reel includes our second field trip, and an afternoon of Adventures in Financial Literacy (no, seriously--the boys had a blast!).

Field Trip the Second

This week, our journey off-campus took us down to Baltimore's Inner Harbor... from there, though, we got off the beaten track: instead of the usual 'aquarium-and-science-center' fare, the boys spent half of their day out on the water with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, learning about water quality... as well as how far an eel can jump out of a bucket:

The other half of the day was spent on a different kind of ship: the venerable US Coast Guard Cutter Taney. The folks from Historic Ships gave the boys a backstage, hands-on tour of the ship from stem to stern (and up to the bridge); the boys also tried their hand at a simulated damage control situation, and they learned about buoyancy by competing with each other to see whose aluminum-foil boat could hold the most weight:

Money is Fun(ny)

On Thursday afternoon, the awesome team from Ortus Academy brought their roadshow to us: for the full afternoon, the boys ran themselves ragged trying to earn the most (play) money & manage it well... and then, in the postgame session, they came to realize how much they knew--and how much more they didn't know--about personal finances. They. Had. A. Blast.

...coming up next week: Monday brings Prep@Collegiate's first Expedition. Stay tuned!