Prep@Collegiate: Opening Days!

...and we're off! We're now two days in, and the inaugural session of Prep@Collegiate is going strong.

Thursday, July 7th

On Thursday night, we kicked off our opening ceremonies with a fascinating presentation from Princeton University's Director of College Access, Kevin Hudson:

Kevin Hudson addresses Prep@Collegiate families

...we made our way across campus for a barbecue dinner--and then students went off for a brief round of pre-assessment testing, while families, faculty, and staff got to know each other better!

Friday, July 7th

Our first day! We started out getting better acquainted--and then we set to work deciding what kind of culture we want to build for our community... taking Baltimore Collegiate's Five Core Virtues & translating these principles into clear, shared expectations for ourselves and each other.

Mr. Carter & Ms. Turner make the rounds, as students decide what the Core Virtues mean to them...

Mr. Carter & Ms. Turner make the rounds, as students decide what the Core Virtues mean to them...

Our stellar teachers introduced students to the rudiments of data analysis--laying the foundation for a key skill we'll be developing this summer--and spent some time fine-tuning their pre-assessments.

We had lunch together... and then: Crew Drafts! Each boy became part of a team--a "crew," in the language of Outward Bound & Expeditionary Learning. They chose crew names, and started working on flags...

MVPs--led by Summer Fellow Jahvonta' Mason!

Kings--led by Summer Fellow Nere Eyeguokan!

Dub Nation--with Mr. Jack Pannell pinch-hitting for Head Fellow Jeff Robinson!

Next, crews fanned out across campus, in a heated race to win the scavenger hunt--the first of many Crew Competitions!

...And, finally, we came back together at the end of the day, to reflect on what we'd learned & the choices we'd made. All in all: an outstanding first day!

Up next: our adventure with Outward Bound! See you bright & early on Monday morning...