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The Five Smooth Stones Foundation was organized to launch Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys. We are a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Trustees deeply concerned about quality educational opportunities for families in Baltimore.  

Help us continue our community investment phase and ensure that a generation of boys in Baltimore City will make it to college with a world class education.


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It’s no secret that right now Baltimore finds itself in a position where our future success depends on the investments we make today. At Baltimore Collegiate we believe every boy deserves an excellent education and the opportunity to graduate from college.  Take this opportunity and make a difference not only in the lives of these boys, but their families and our communities.

There is no better time than now to show your support!


You may send a check to the address below. Your check should be made out to the  "Five Smooth Stones Foundation, Inc." Your gift will be tax-deductible to the amount permissible by law.

Five Smooth Stones Foundation
4 W. Read St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

Donate stocks and securities:

Gifts of securities, including stocks, bonds and mutual funds, may be transferred through your broker to the Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys gift account at Brown Advisory. Please contact us if you'd like to make a stock or securities gift! Our Account Number is: 5772-8620.

double your gift: 

Many employers offer a matching gift program, which may help you double or even triple your gift.  
Baltimore Collegiate School for Boys is supported and operated through the Five Smooth Stones Foundation,  a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization. Tax ID 27-4400615. For more information, contact us at (443) 642-5320.


Thank you to our founding donors

Chike Aguh*
Ahmed Ahmed
Brenda Allen
James Allen
Marni and Jonathan Allen
Ilya Alter
Mary Anderson
Edwin Avent*
Ellen and Ed Bernard
Nikia Biagmond
Hunter Biden (Founding Trustee)
Nikia Blagmond
James Blue (Founding Trustee)
Frank Bonsal III
Meghann Boosinger
The Bozzuto Family Foundation
Joyce and Edward Brown
James Campbell
Ruth Camp Campbell Foundation
Vic Carter
Susan Cashman
Tracie Choi
Harry Clark
Allison and Jonathan Clark
Beth and Brett Cohen
The Columbia Bank
Priscilla and Kevin Connolly
Candice Conseur
Corckran Family Charitable Foundation
Mary Jean Craig
Juma Crawford
Nancy and Kent Croft
Creative Benefit Services
James Cumber
Dr. Melbourne Cummings
Nicole Daue
Dulany and Matthew Dent
Christopher DeCamps
Bart DeLuca
Chuck Dieveney
Clement Dinsmore
Josh Eastright*
Alan Engel
Patricia Farley and William Marlow
Muffy Fenwick
Steven Filosa
Oz Fishman
Nanci Ford
Marjorie Forster
Alyson Friedman
Carol and Geoff Garinther
Caron Gilliam
Jennifer Langford and Morgan Gilligan
Joel Goering
Amy Gordon
Helene and Ted Grabow
Charles C. Graves, III
Denise Simmons Graves (Founding Trustee)
Michael Gribbin
Anne and Jim Grieves
Vince Griffith
Wendy Grossman
Michele Hagans
Dr. Elizabeth Hanson
H. E. Harris
Geoffrey Hengerer (Founding Trustee)
Nancy Sanders Herget
William Herrfeldt
Eva P. Higgins
Julie Higgins
Carolyn Hinder
Donna and John Hinder
John Hinder, Sr.
Sarah Hinder
Louise and Arthur Hildreth
Evelyn and John Hilgenberg
Betsey Swingle Hobelmann*
Karen and Chad Hobelmann
Liam Honigsberg
Brian Houseman
Dr. Freeman Hrabowski
Kempton Ingersol
Aaron Jacobs

* Trustee, Five Smooth Stones Foundation, Inc.

Carey and Alex Jacobs
Regina James
Dr. James Jennings
Amy John
Kate Jordan*
Deborah Jung
Elizabeth Keady
Dr. Gary Keel
Kent Family Foundation
Pace Kessenich
Sara Khan
Patty and Justin Klein
Barbara Lawson
Kristin Lemieux
Earl Lindgren
Kristin Lindgren
Mary and Bob Locke
Robert Mansfield
Andrea Marlowe
Elizabeth Martinez
Dr. Colleen McCormick
McGuire Woods, LLP
Jennifer and Paul McKinnell
Bruce McPherson
Rev. Phebe McPherson
Matthew Micciche (Founding Trustee)
Christina Milnes
Elizabeth and William Minkin
The Mitzvah Fund
Dr. Kimberly Moffitt*
Orit Mohamed
Dr. Yvette Mozie-Ross
Jean Mulroy
Cristina and Michael Niccolini
Meg Obrecht
Dave Owens
Jack J. Pannell, Jr.*
Towanda Paul
Carter and Sam Polakoff
Lindsay Porter
Susan and Peter Powell
Christine and John Powderly
Whitney Price
Robert J. Proutt
Mary Jean Reed
Joan and Bill Riechenbach
Allan Riorda
Rachel and Jason Rockwell
Ford Rowan (Founding Trustee)
Tricia Rubacky and Bill Merritt
Julie Salovaara
Sawyer Charitable Fund
Bonnie and Bruce Sawyer
Hilary Schultz
Rachel Seldin
Christopher Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. Yonce Shelton
Jason Singleton
Henry Smyth
Gina Stevens
Jane and Jim Stone
James and Jacqueline Stradtner Foundation (in honor of Dr. Edward M. Trusty, Jr.)
Anne Bennett Swingle
Margaret A. Swingle
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Swingle
Ted Swingle
Orlando Taylor
Dr. Edward M. Trusty, Jr. (Founding Trustee)
Ilir M. Tsungu
Ernst Vallery
Emelda Velasquez
Vestry of St. James Church
Whitney and Chris Wasson
Aaron Watkins
Dr. Marguerite Weber (Founding Trustee)
Marley Welsh
Louise White
Bailey Williams
William Winfree
Frances Wright
Christy and Matthew Wyskiel
Carol and Bill Zittsmann